NCCOC - New Hampshire: August 21-25, 2023

Plans are to leave Monday, August 21, and return on Friday August 25 (4 nights).

We will drive directly to the campground in a school van and/or mini-vans - a 9 hour drive including stops.  Meeting time: 8:30 AM Monday, August 21 at NCC (or if arrangements are made,  10:30AM at Little Neck Shopping Center directions).  (It may also be possible to meet earlier at the Woodside LIRR station.)  BRING LUNCH FOR THE TRIP UP!  We be stopping for dinner on Friday and dinner on the the way back.  Plan to have enough money to pay for this.  Camping and transportation fees will be paid for by the school (FSA/SGA).  We expect to be returning late on Friday.  Since we will not receive a supplementary budget, the school cannot subsidize all of the food costs and you should expect to pay a total cost of $40 in addition to the meals you buy on the road.  You need to give us the $40 in advance; contact Don Wade (address at bottom) for information on where to send it.  There is a planning meeting tentatively planned for Friday or Saturday, 8/18 or 8/19 at a time and location to be announced when we will make final plans, sign waivers, assign equipment, etc.

We will be in a campground in tents for the 12 or so of us.  The campsite is right next to the car so you do not need to have backpacks to carry your stuff to the campsite.  We will be staying in tents at the Campground.   We will be staying at Barnes Field Group Campground, site #4, the nearest town is Gorham, NH.  More information on the campsite is at:  If you want more information about the area: White Mountain National Forest.; Crawford Notch State Park, visit/state-parks/Crawford-notch-state-park.aspx; Franconia Notch State Park:

You will need a sleeping bag of your own (the club can lend you one if arrangements are made in advance).  We will bring extra foam pads, If you have a tent, you should bring it; the Club has tents and we will arrange in advance to have tents for everyone.  The club and  I will bring stoves and pots, etc.  We will bring or buy paper plates and plastic ware but you may want to bring your own silverware.  There are NO showers or washing facilities once we are camping in the park although we may go offsite once to use a pay shower facility.  There is no access to electricity or phones, We believe there is cellphone service at the campground but it is spotty elsewhere in the mountains.

It is too early for a forecast but in the past we have had  highs in the mid to upper 70's and lows at night in the 50s -- near ideal hiking weather. And we have also had highs in the 90s and lows at night in the 80s-- way too hot.  And we could have highs in the 60's and lows at night of near freezing.   It will be much cooler at the top of the mountains; be sure you have windbreakers and sweaters to take with you.   If you will need a day pack, we can bring an extra packs, please let me know in advance

We will be hiking most days over some of the most strenuous terrain in the Northeast.  You must be prepared to face the physical risks inherent in strenuous outdoor activities.  Please see the statement on the trip information page:  This is not a trip for those who have never hiked before or those not prepared to spend all day hiking 8-10 miles or more.

What to bring (as a minimum - use your good judgment):
-Bring enough clothes for the 5 days including some spare stuff.
-sleeping bag, warm enough for 40-50's, as mentioned above
-pillow if you need it, or a small bag to pack your extra sweater in and use as a pillow.
-a light windbreaker
-sweater(s) including something really warm for night and a hat for the evening
-a flashlight (we will have some extra if arrangements are made in advance)
-a day pack for hiking (we will have some extra if arrangements are made in advance)
-hiking boots or whatever you will be comfortable in going over very rough rocky terrain
-Everything you need for hiking in an exposed area above tree-line including sunscreen and a sun hat.
-A pair of work or gardening gloves to protect your hands when climbing on the rocks
-bathing suit, there may be a place you can go into just to rinse off. 
-toothpaste, toothbrush, toiletries, shaving stuff, etc.
-a couple of towels for washing up
-comfortable shoes or loafers, clogs, etc. to wear around camp.
-rain gear
-any special snacks you may want (see below about food)
-any medication you need
-if you wear contacts, bring extras as well as a pair of eyeglasses to wear if your eyes are irritated. (This is important.)

Just before going into the park we will stop at a good supermarket to buy all the food we need for 6 days.  Your deposit already made will pay for the food.  We'll discuss what type of stuff we need and we will bring an ice chests so we can store a few days worth of stuff.  If you see something special you want, you can buy it then.  If you have any special dietary requirements (vegetarian, allergies, etc.), please let us know in advance during the planning meeting.
Let me know if you have any questions or if I forgot anything.  -------
Don Wade, phone: 718-426-8555;  cell phone (on the trip): 917-697-5701; email: donwade(at)
         mailing address:  Don Wade, 35-41 72 St, Jackson Heights, NY 11372
Prof. Janis Mazza,  516-670-6307 e-mail JanisMazza(at)

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