Fall Lake George 2000 Trip Report
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Dear Outing Club members

On September the 29th the outing club went on its annual Lake George trip. This weekender turned out to be a great experience to all that came. There were nine members that went on this and we all canoed to the campsite on Turtle Island. Joe (me), Tanya, Steve, Jess, Jenny, Fernando, and Don and his son Willie, all attended this fabulous trip. We arrived at the canoeing Launching spot well after sun down without incident. There was a little traffic getting out of the city but besides that it was a flawless ride up. The group then proceeded to unload the cars and load the canoes for our journey to find our campsite. The water was like glass and the stars in the sky were as clear and intense as a Shakespeare sonnet. The relaxation of the canoe trip to the island was a welcomed gesture from mother nature after the 5-hour car ride up. After we found a desirable campsite we began to unload the canoes and set up camp. I think I can speak for everybody that after the car ride up the packing and unpacking and the canoeing, everybody was ready for a good night's rest, especially with the knowledge of such a big day ahead.

The next morning we all awoke to a wonderful day ahead of us. It started out with breakfast in which we all enjoyed scrambled eggs and ham served with rolls with a steaming cup of hot chocolate or coffee with a refreshing glass of OJ. After breakfast the group split up into two to pursue different activities. Don took Jess, Fred, his son, and Tanya on a hike on the infamous Tongue Mountain Loop. Joe and Steve with the rest made a venture for a nearby mountain to climb a rock face. Both groups had an excellent time. I know my group did with a lot of hiking, rock climbing and Rappelling that we participated in. The groups met up again at the campsite around dinner time and headed over to dinner that was sponsored by RPI outing club. The club enjoyed burgers, dogs, corn, macaroni salad and Steak. No ketchup unfortunately. After dinner we socialized with other outing clubs from all over the country. We then went to the square dance that was being held on the island. Our advisor, Don, provided the sound system for the event. The dance had a live band and an excellent caller. Our members had an excellent time with square dancing, the Virginia Reel, and the waltz. After we kicked up about a ton of dust square dancing and the last dance was called, we headed back to our campsite for a campfire. With the evening calming down we all entertained each other with our stories. Some camp stories some scary stories, a poem was recited, and feelings were shared. It was truly a campfire that I will remember for a while. After that long day we all retreated to our tents one by one to a goods night's rest.

The next morning we all awoke, after sleeping in a little, to a great breakfast. I made one of my camp specialties, chocolate chip pancakes which everyone enjoyed. We then broke camp and started packing the gear up and headed back. We then proceeded to pack the cars up and off we went back home. We stopped in the village of Lake George to buy our tee shirts and postcards and nick-nakes and dinner. We all order Italian from one restaurant and received our food from another restaurant. (Don't ask) We then proceeded home to the comforts of our house with just our memories and pictures to remind us of this spectacular weekend.

Your President,
Joe J. Golan

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