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Trips Fall 2003 through Summer 2004:
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Shwangunks Hike, Sunday, September 14,2003 ... Pictures
--Rain was predicted but we had only occasional light drizzle which didn't bother us. The Trapps, Sky Top, the Labyrinth, Crevice, Mohonk Lake, and Giant's Workshop
Lake George Canoe/Camping; September 26-28,2003  ... Pictures
--The rain finally came late Saturday night which made for a wet paddle back on Sunday.  Even that didn't spoil a great weekend.
Harriman Park Hike, Sunday, October 5,2003 .. (sorry, no pictures)
-- A short hike past Island Pond, through the Lemon squeezer, over Island Pond Mountain, and past Boston Mine on the Appalachian Trail, Long Path and Arden-Surebridge, Dunning, and White Bar Trails.  A beautiful day for hiking even if it was a little cool.
Trail Maintance in Harriman Park, Sunday, October 12,2003 .. (sorry no pictures)

Whitewater Rafting on the Leheigh River, Oct. 18,2003 .. pictures
A joint trip with the Whitewater Rafting Club -- wonderful water conditions on a beautiful but cool day.

IOCA Caving Trip to Clarksville Cave, Nov.1,2003 ... pictures from RPI
Rock Climbing in the Shawangunks, November 8,2003
A very cold day but the bright sun kept us warm while on the rocks in the Trapps area.
Breakneck Ridge, Tuesday, November 11,2003 ... pictures
Another day which turned rainy but never more than a drizzle which didn't bother us.
Turkey Roast, Saturday, November 29,2003 ... pictures
A cool windy day with just a few snow flurries to keep things interesting.  A great day for dinner outdoors!
Harriman Park, Sunday, December 28,2003 ... pictures
A cool day with no snow on the ground and very little ice on the trail.  A great day for a hike over Bear Mountain and the surrounding area.
Harriman Park, Wednesday, January 14,2004
A very cold day with a light covering of snow on the ground and only manageable ice on the trail.  A great day for a hike over Bear Mountain.
Cross Country Skiing, Sunday, February 1,2004
A relatively warm day in Harriman Park in the Lake Sebago area.
Harriman Park, Friday, February 13,2004
Out from the Elk Pen, past Lake Stahahe over Stahahe High Point, Boston Mine, Island Pond,  and Green Pond Mountain
Mountain Creek Skiing, Sunday, February 15,2004
Downhill during the Winter Break
Mountain Creek Skiing, Saturday, February 28,2004
Palisades Hike, Sunday, March 7,2004
From the Alpine parking area along the top to the State Line (NY/NJ) Boundary Marker; down steeply to the bottom of Peanut Falls; along the shore of the Hudson River over the rocks of Giant's Staircase -- sometimes just a few feet above the water -- sometimes up on the steep slope; back to the top up the steep path with its stairs; and finally the castle-like monument to the Federation of Woman's Clubs.  A relatively short but interesting trip only 10 miles north of NYC.
Sam's Point Preserve, Sunday, April 4,2004 ... map and 2 pictures of the falls
The Ice Caves were too full of ice to be able to enter them but it's a beautiful area and we hiked on top of the 2000 ft high ridge to Vekeerderkill Falls and through the unique dwarf pine forest.  A beautiful day and we should plan a trip there later in the Spring -- maybe in June when the ice caves are passible.
Slide Mountain, Sunday, April 18,2004
A hike in the Catskills to their highest mountain.  A beautiful warm day with enough overcast to keep it cool, no bugs anywhere, and even snow on the ground at the higher elevations.
Shwangunks, Saturday, April 24,2004
Undercliff road. Trapps, Crevice, the Labyrinth, Mohonk Lake, and Giants Workshop, and back via overcliff road.
Panther Mountain (Catskills), Sunday, April 25,2004
6.6 miles via Giant Ledge on a cool, rainy, day.
Trail Mantance -- Anthony Wayne Trail in Harriman Park, Wednesday, May 19,2004
Started out in light rain but the day cleared and stayed cool.  A strenuous day of brush cutting, clearing, and even some ditch digging.
Whitewater Rafting - Leihigh River - June 11-12,2004
Camping overnight and then rafting on a beautiful day with a dam release.  Maybe pictures sometime?
Ellenville Ice Caves - Sunday, June 20,2004 - pictures
Trail Maintance - Sunday, July 11,2004
Adirondacks: St Regis Lake - July 30- August 8,2004
Maine: Baxter State Park, Mount Katahdin - August 16-22, 2004 - some pictures (still under construction)

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