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Listed below are trips taken by the Outing Club and (where available) links to picture index pages. Also pictures from some trips taken by members on their own are included..
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Sept. Harriman Park Hike, Sept.13,2014 (southern); 7.7 miles
Hunter Mtn Overnight, Sept 19-20
  Harriman Park Hike,  Sat, Sept.27,2014, approx 7 miles
Saturday, Oct. 5, Harrmian Park, 5.9 miles
Oct. Sunday, October 12: Canoeing, Freeport.
October 19: Harriman Park Hike: 
Saturday, October 25, Shwangunks Hike, 8.7 miles
Nov Sun, Nov. 9: Schunemunk Hike,

Tue, Nov.11: Breakneck Ridge Hike
Nov 15-16 Harriman Park Overnight Hike, 18 miles
Sat, Nov. 15 Harriman Park Hike, 9 miles
Sun, Nov. 23; Schenemunk Ridge Hike, 7.6 miles
top of page Sat, Nov. 21:  Turkey Roast in Ringwood State Park, NJ
Dec. Saturday, December 13: Schemunk Ridge Hike, 7.3 miles
Sunday, December 21:  Harriman Park Hike (mid-section), 5.8 miles
Saturday, December 27: Harriman Park Hike, 8.6 miles

Adirondaks, January 11-16, 2015; A long drive but worth it to stay at the Adirondac Loj in the heart of the wild high peaks region.  lots of Pictures sometime
top of page  Sunday, Januuary 25, 2015: Harriman Park - Bear Mountain, 4 miles
Up the Major Welch, down the  A-T,  Went in to see the Merry-Go-Round but didn't ride on it.  Pictures sometime.
Saturday, Jan. 31; Harriman Park, 5.8 miles
Feb. Wed, February 18, 2015: Cross Country Skiing at Fahnstock Park
 top of page Saturday, February 21, 2014: Harriman Park,  5.3 miles
On snowshoes all day with at least 20" of snow most of the time.
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August, 2015: Baxter State Park (Mt. Katahdin)
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