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Note: This page contains mainly trips after 1999 since most pictures earlier than 1999 exist only in printed form, not on the web
Hiking and Camping trips are listed by date on the various yearly trip listings by date.
some lists are available for planning trips:  List of Cross Country Ski Areas ... List of leantos in the Central/East Catskills
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past trips by destination
past trips by date
Bethpage Biking, Wed, August 9,2000.; pictures
Shawangunks Hike and bike:
  • Sunday, June 23,2002 ... (sorry no pictures, we left the camera in the car.)   --Bonticou Crag, the Labyrinth, Crevice, Mohonk Lake, on a warm but bearable day with enough of a breeze to usually keep the bugs at bay
  • Sunday, September 5,2004 ... Pictures--a cooler day. Bicycle from the Trapps; then walked to Sky Top, the Labyrinth, through Crevice, Mohonk Lake, and Eagle Cliff.
  • Monday, September 16,2002 ...  --The Trapps, Sky Top, the Labyrinth, Crevice, Mohonk Lake
  • Sunday, December 3,2006 ... pictures  --Bonticou Crag and the Rock Rift Crevices; that was all we could do on this short day.
  • April 22, 2007 ... Pictures-- a beautiful cool day. Started out from Spring Farm Parkingand Biked to Bonticou Crag, after climbing to the top, biked to the Hotel area. Then walked to Sky Top through the Crevice, Mohonk Lake, and then bike back to Spring Farm Parking.
  • Thursday, September 13,2007  --a cooler day. Bicycle from the Trapps; then walked to Sky Top, the Labyrinth, through Crevice, Mohonk Lake.
  • Friday, June 13, 2008 ... pictures ---On bikes over the carriage roads and then on foot through the crevice, sky top, Mohonk Lake, the gardens, and Eagle Cliff.  Special thanks to Pat for managing to ride Christina's bike back after the wheel was bent.
  • Sunday, October 26, 2008 ... pictures...Starting from the Southern end, on bikes then hiking over Bonticou Crag.  Back on the bikes to Mohonk House, then hike through the crevice, to sky top.  Finally back on the bikes to get to the van just at dark.
  • Sunday, October 10, 2010 ... pictures...Again starting from the southern end on bikes following the same route at Oct. 2008.  Again back to the van just at dark.

North County Trailway (Westchester) and Putnam Rail-Trail,
  • Sunday, April 13,2003: A Bike excursion the entire length (21 miles each way) of this newly completed bikeway.
  • Friday, October 8,2004 ... pictures and map
    About 32 miles on the northern end of the Westchester North County Rail-Trail 
  • Friday, November 5,2004: about 40 miles on the northern end and into Putnam County as far as we could go.
  • Tuesday, February 21,2006 ... pictures
    A really cold day so we only got to the Putnam County line and turned back
  • Sunday, December 17,2006 ... pictures
    unusually warm for December, we went the whole length of the Putnam Rail-Trail and finished by going over into Westchester.
  • Saturday, March 21, 2009 ... pictures

L.I.Greenbelt Trail, Saturday, December 11, 2004
Biking Saturday, September 8; Saturday, September 15; Sunday, September 30; Sunday, October 6,2007
Jones Beach Biking, Sunday, March 21,2010 ... pictures
Biking in Stillwell Woods, Sunday, November 13, 2011
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(For Lake George Canoing, see Lake George section, on Destinations page)

Canoing on the Peconic River (LI), Tuesday, June 5,2001:  Another perfect day, not too hot with just enough clouds in the sky to make it look interesting.  The Peconic is a lovely stream and it was a great trip up and back. 

Camping at Cathedral Pines and Kayaking on the Carmans River:  October 22-24,2004
Canoeing in Hewlett Harbor, Sunday, October 16, 2011  ... pictures
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Caving in High Falls/ Camping in Rosendale, November 16-17,2002 ... pictures

IOCA Caving Trip to Clarksville Cave, November 1,2003 ... pictures from RPI
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First Aid (Wilderness) Wilderness First Aid at NCC, Saturday and Sunday, March 11-12, 2006 ... pictures
Wilderness First Aid at NCC, Monday & Tuesday, January 14-15,2008 ... pictures
Wilderness First Aid at NCC,  January 2010
Wilderness First Aid at NCC, Tuesday and Wednesday, January 17-18,2012
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IOCA Conference The Intercollegiate Outing Club Association (IOCA) Conference is a weekend held each spring and attended by schools from all over the Northeast.  Included are a wide variety of intercollegiate activities. There are also pictures from other schools on the IOCA web page.
--- April 1998, New Hampshire ... group picture (direct 400K load) ... hike Saturday
---  April 16,1999, Pittsfield State Forest, Massachusetts, sorry no pictures
--- 2000, New Hampshire  -- Saturday;  --- Sunday
--- April 20-22, 2001, Beckett, Mass  --- 2003, Cobbleskill and Catskills, NY
--- April 21-23, 2006; Central Mass.   --- April 13-15, 2007; Catskills, NY
--- April 25-27, 2008, Vermont   --- April  24-26, 2009, Rosendale, NY
--- April 23-25, 2010, Ashokan (Catskills), NY   --- April 15-17, 2011, MIT Cabin, Rumney, NH
--- April 20-22, 2012, Ashokan Conference Center, Olivebridge, NY
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Rock Climbing
Climbing Practice in the Gym: November 30,2000; December 6,2001

Rock Climbing in Lost City (the 'Gunks); Saturday, October 7,2000; ... picures

Rock Climbing in the Trapps ('Gunks);
--Sunday, October 28,2001 ... pictures   --Sunday November 3,2002 ... pictures ...--Saturday, November 8,2003
... to top and contents Rock Climbing at Island Rock, Thursday, October 13,2005 ... pictures
Skiing, etc
Frost Valley Trips usually include cross country skiing.  See Frost Valley Listings, on Destinations page
list of Cross-Country Ski areas
Cross Country Skiing at Fahnestock State Park
... December 8,2002 . pictures;  ... February 16,2003
... January 29, 22002005 . pictures... February 17,2007 . pictures
... Don's trip January 19,2009 .. pictures ...  December 30, 2010 .. pictures

Snowboarding at Hunter Mountain, February 17-20,2003
Bellayere, March 24-25, 2005 ... pictures

IOCA Mt. Holyoke Trip, March 1-2,2003

Mountain Creek, downhill ski and snowboard
... February 15-16,2004 ... February 28,2004
... December 18,2004 ... picture
... December 23,2004 ... January 17,2005 ... February 5, 2005

Cross Country Skiing at Lake Sebago area of Harriman Park, February 1,2004
Adirondak Loj area trip:
...Adirondak Loj area (downhill), January 15-18,2007 ... pictures
...Adirondak Loj area (cross-country), January 7-10,2008 ... pictures
...Adirondak Loj area (cross-country), January 12-16,2009 ... picture gallery (Kevin's (adk...)  and Don's (img... and panorama...) pictures.   2009 by the photographer
...Adirondak Loj Cross-country and downhill (Whiteface), January 9-14,2011 ... pictures
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Sledding Sledding at Fahnestock State Park
... February 17,2007 ... pictures
Frost Valley Trips usually include snowshoeing.  See Frost Valley Listings, on Destinations page
Bear Mountain Snowshoe Hike; Sunday, January 30,2000 .... PICTURES

Snowshoeing up Slide Mountain, December 28,2002 ... pictures

Harriman Park, February 15,2003 ... pictures

Mt.Holyoke, March 4-5,2005 ... pictures

Catskill trip March 24-26,2005 ... pictures;     Lake Minewaska, Balsam Mtn
Catskill Camping, February 21-23, 2007 ... pictures -- McKinley Leanto, Balsam Mtn.
Ramapo Torne, Sunday, March 18,2007 ... pictures --on snowshoes due to the unexpected March snowstorm
Adirondak Loj, January 9-14,2011 ... pictures
Fahnestock Park, January 30, 2011 ... pictures
Skunemunk Ridge, Sunday, October 30, 2011 ... pictures
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Maine: Mt Katahdin & whitewater rafting on the Pebnobscot, July 24-28,2001 ... pictures
... to top and contents Leheigh River (PA) Whitewater Rafting,
--October 20,2002 ... pictures  ... --October 18,2003 ... pictures
--June 12,2004 ...  --October 16,2004 ... pictures
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