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Upcoming Trip Listings All 1998/1999 school year trips are listed.  Prior trips are listed only if pictures are available.
Many pictures available only in printed form for years 1999 and before.  Ask to see them at the meetings.
Those that are listed below are scanned from printed pictures.

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All photo's by Don Wade, copyright 2007 by the photographer
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Palisades Hike, November 1990 ... pictures
Winter Hiking Pictures from Past Years
Miscl. Pictures from Spring 1998
Shawangunk Bike/Hike, September 13,1998
Shunemunk Hike, September 20,1998
Canoe Practice, Carmen's River, LI, September 26,1998
Lake George Canoe/Camping, October 2-4,1998; PICTURES
 ......... Pictures from 1997
Shawangunk Hike, November 15,1998
Caving near Albany, November 21-22,1998
Frost Valley, Catskills, January 11-14,1999;  PICTURES
Harriman Park Hike, February 17,1999
Shawangunk Hike, February 27,1999
IOCA Conference, Massachusetts, April, 1999 
   Pictures from the MIT web site seem to no longer be available
Gertrude's Nose Hike (Minnewaska area), April 30,1999
Catskills Hike (Overnight), May 18-19,1999
Harriman Park trail Maintenance, June 6,1999
Harriman Park trail Maintenance, June 20,1999
Shawangunks Hike, July 10,1999
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