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Listed below are trips taken by the Outing Club and (where available) links to picture index pages. Pictures from prior to 1999 are usually not available because they exist only in printed form.

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Harriman Park Hike; September 19,1999

IOCA Lake George Canoe/Camping; October 1-3,1999

Harriman Park Hike; Sunday; October 17,1999

Mohonk Preserve Hike; Sunday October 31,1999
top of page Breakneck Ridge Hike; Sunday, November 7,1999

Harriman Park Hike; Sunday, November 21,1999
top of page Harriman Park Hike; Sunday, January 23,2000

Bear Mountain Snowshoe Hike; Sunday, January 30,2000 .... PICTURES

Harriman Park Hike; Sunday, Februay 13,2000 .... PICTURES

Schunemunk Mountain Snowshoe Hike; Monday, Feb. 21,2000 ... PICTURES

Harriman Park Hike; Sunday, March 5,2000 ... PICTURES
top of page IOCA Conference, New Hampshire, April 14-16: ... PICTURES: Saturday ... Sunday

Breakneck Ridge Hike, Sun, April 23,2000; PICTURES

Schunemunk Mountain Hike; Sunday May 14,2000; ...(sorry, no pictures) 
Turned out to be a nice day as we hiked along the parallel ridges and past the megaliths on the Long Path and the Sweet Clover and Jessup Trails

Breakneck Ridge Hike, Sun, June 4,2000; PICTURES
top of page Harriman Park Trail Maintenance, Wed, July 19,2000; ...(sorry, no pictures)
Thanks to Donna, Jessica, and Ann who braved a rainy start and put in a hard day of brush cutting and painting.

Bethpage Biking, Wed, August 9,2000.; PICTURES

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