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Listed below are trips taken by the Outing Club and (where available) links to picture index pages. Also included are pictures from some trips taken by members on their own..

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Pictures copyright 2005-6 by the photographers indicated on the picture index pages.
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IOCA Fall Lake George, September 23-25, 2005 ... pictures
Rock Climbing at Island Rock, Thursday, October 13,2005 ... pictures
Six Flags (N.J.), Friday, October 28, 2005
Slide Mountain Backpacking, October 29-30, 2005
Harriman Park Trail Maintenance, Sunday, October 30,2005
top of pageShwangunks (Mohonk) Bike/Hike, Saturday, November 5,2005 ... some pictures
A great, warm, day in a great area
Harriman Park Hike, Friday, November 11,2005
A nice, cool, day.  A shorter hike -- Jackie Jones Mountain, fire tower, shelter, 3 lakes
Schunemunk Mountain Hike, Saturday, November 19,2005 ... pictures
more pictures to come shortly we hope
Turkey Roast in Ringwood, NJ, Saturday, November 26,2005 ... pictures
jointly with the Sierra Club and Cooper Union Alumni
Harriman Park Hike, Saturday, December 10,2005 ... pictures
A trip to Ramapo Torne at the Southern end of the park on 6-8" of new snow. Our attempt to make it a circular route failed when the the trail was obscured by snow; so we came back the same way we went in.
Harriman Park Hike, Tuesday, December 27,2005 ... pictures
Don's trip with his son, the Friday Hikers, and their dogs to the Northeast section, December 30,2005 ... pictures
top of pageHarriman Park Hike, Wednesday, January 4,2006
Another trip to the Soutnern end of the park, this time starting from Johnstown Road.  North on the White Bar Trail to the unmarked Fox Trail back south to the Kakiat. Over Dater Mountain partly on old woods roads, past the elbow brush and Claudius Smith Den onto the TMI Trail to make a circular back to the Kakiat and the car. On 4-6" of new snow depending on the altitude.
Bear Mountain (Harriman Park) and zoo, Friday, January 13,2006 ... pictures
Frost Valley, January 16-20,2006 ... pictures soon
Harriman Park Hike, Saturday, February 18,2006 ... pictures
A surprise snow shower left a beautiful 1/2 inch coating over everything.
Westchester Biking, Tuesday, February 21,2006 ... pictures
A great Day but cold so we only went as far as the Putnam County line.
Breakneck Ridge, Thursday, February 23,2006 ... pictures revised 8/28/06
Harriman Park (Bear Mountain), Sunday, March 5,2006 ... pictures 
Wilderness First Aid, Saturday and Sunday, March 11-12, 2006 ... pictures
Don's family hike on Mount Beacon, Friday, March 24,2006
top of pageHarriman Park (southern--Pine Meadow Lake), Sunday, March 26,2006
Breakneck Ridge, Sunday, April 2,2006 ... pictures
Schunemunk Ridge, Tuesday, April 11,2006 
Don's short bike ride along the Norwottuck Rail Trail (Amherst, Mass), Friday, April 14,2006 ... pictures
IOCA Conference, Goshen, Mass, April 21-23,2006 ... pictures
Trail Maintenance in Harriman Park, Thursday, May 25,2006 ... pictures
top of pageDon's Wyoming Trip, June 30-July 7 ... pictures eventually
Shwangunk Hike, Saturday, July 8,2006 ... pictures 
Trail Maintenance in Harriman Park, Friday, August 11, 2006
Thanks to Dave Karpan for helping to cut back the grasses and briers that threaten to obliterate the Anthony Wayne Trail.
Maine's Baxter State Park - Mount. Katahdin, August 13-20,2006 ... pictures eventually

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