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 Shawangunk Hike (Mohonk); Sunday, September 17,2000 ... PICTURES
Breakneck Ridge Hike, Saturday, Sept. 23,2000 ... PICTURES
Lake George Canoe/Camping; Sept.29-Oct.1,2000 - Trip Report ... PICTURES
Rock Climbing in the 'Gunks; Saturday, October 7,2000; ... PICTURES
Hike in Harriman Park; Sunday, October 15; ... PICTURES
Horseback Riding; Sunday, October 29, 2000; ... PICTURES 
Taconics Hike; Sunday November 12,2000;  ... (sorry, no pictures) 
The temperature was nice but the day turned out overcast.  We hiked through 3 states in an interesting area and finished well after dark.
Turkey Roast in Ringwood State Park (NJ); Saturday, November 25,2000 
 (Sorry, too busy eating to take pictures!)
Climbing on the NCC indoor wall; Thursday, November 30,2000. ... (sorry, no pictures)
 Harriman Park - Pine Meadow Lake Hike; Saturday, December 9, 2000. 
A cold day with a light blanket of snow on the ground. ... PICTURES
Cross Country Skiing in Fahnestock State Park (NY), Thursday, January 4,2001.  Great snow conditions and a great day through varied, wooded terrain. 
(Sorry, no pictures today but see 2/11/01, below.)
Frost Valley, January 15-18, 2001; 4 days in the heart of the Catskills, staying in cabins at the Frost Valley YMCA Environmental Center. ... PICTURES
Cross Country Skiing, February 11,2001; A great day, cold and sunny, at Fahnestock State Park. ... PICTURES
Walking in Muttontown Preserve, February 21,2001;  Windy but clear for this easy ramble on Long Island. ... (sorry, no pictures)
Hike in Taconic State Park, March 18,2001; A great day, cold but partly sunny, at this Park at the corner of NY, MA, & CT. ...  PICTURES
Weekend Camping/Hiking in the Catskills, March 23-25,2001:  On snowshoes and 2-4 feet of snow the whole weekend in the Table Mountain area. ... PICTURES
Hike in Harriman Park, April 10,2001: A mostly sunny day with temperatures in the 50's and a much dryer trail than we expected (except at the end).  (sorry, no pictures)
Hike on the Appalachian Trail, overlooking Greenwood Lake, NY, April 14,2001: A near perfect hiking day; clear, moderate temperatures, and what water there was on the trail was quite manageable. ... (sorry, no pictures)
IOCA Conference, April 20-22,2001: A great weekend with students from schools all over the Northeast -- rock climbing, hiking, canoeing, contra dancing ... PICTURES
Hike on Breakneck Ridge, Saturday, May 5,2001:  A cold drizzle at the start turned into a sunny cool day.  Perfect hiking weather except for the bugs! ... PICTURES
Trail Maintenance in Harriman Park, Friday, May 18,2001:  Don thanks Donna, Aleks, Mark, and Dave who cut a lot of brush and repainted blazes.  The overcast, almost rainy, day kept the temperature (and the bugs) down. ... PICTURES
Hike in the Shawangunks (Mohonk), Sunday, June 3,2001:  Rain in the morning but it ended before we started walking and never came back as threatened!  Clouds kept the day cool and nearly perfect for hiking: The Trapps, The Crevice, Lake Mohonk, Sky Top, The Labyrinth, and Giant's Workshop made for a great day. ...  Sorry, everyone forgot to bring a camera,
MAP of hike (full size map will open in new window)
Canoeing on the Peconic River (LI), Tuesday, June 5,2001:  Another perfect day, not too hot with just enough clouds in the sky to make it look interesting.  The Peconic is a lovely stream and it was a great trip up and back. 
Hike to Gertrude's Nose, Saturday, June 16, 2001:  The southern part of the Shwangunks, near the area of Lake Minewaska -- Start at the Trapps, along the ridge line and then over Millbrook Mountain, past a wonderful cave that blew cold air, and around Gerturde's Nose with its rock formations.  A long day of hiking but the rain held off at the price of being hot.  ... PICTURES
Hike to Schenemunk, Saturday, June 23,2001:  Your intrepid explorers got all the way upstate when the rains came down and washed away any possibility of a hike.  So we rescheduled the hike to next week, turned around, and went to Campmor instead.
Hike to Schenemunk, Sunday, July 1,2001:  This time we got most of the hike in before the rain came!  We ended up with wet shoes but the worst of the thunderstorm cells passed north and south of us.  ... Sorry, no one remembered to bring a camera.
Trip to Maine, July 24-28,2001:  A long drive to the Mount Katahdin area of Maine (Baxter State Park).  We camped, hiked (including to the top of Katahdin), and as a bonus went whitewater rafting on the last day.  ... Pictures

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